Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

At EIS Meadows we take great pride in the fact that we really ‘know’ our students.  We have form tutors in all year groups (7 to 13) and these tutors meet and greet our students each and every morning.  In Years 12 and 13 we have ‘vertical’ tutor groups; this ensures that our Year 12 students are able to converse and have a greater understanding of what is required in our Diploma program, from students that are already fully knowledgeable.  We have Year Leaders for each of our year groups, and these Year Leaders can be found each and every morning on the Year Corridor meeting and greeting our students as they embark on another exciting and fulfilling day.

The School day always begins with students attending a twenty minute registration period with their form tutor.  Each day of the week follows a particular theme; we have ‘Service Sunday’ every Sunday, where all students update and input on to Managebac the latest work they have done with regards to serving the community in some way.  On a Monday we focus on Moral Education (‘Moral Monday’) and have regular assemblies that look at themes whereby students think about issues that are pertinent to us here in the UAE.  ‘Topical Tuesday’ is an opportunity for students to take part in interactive activities that build on the education they receive in their academic lessons.  ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ sees our Senior Students deliver presentations to all the younger tutor groups on themes that ensure our students have all the tools they need in order to be safe, happy and successful.  ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ is an opportunity for our students to contemplate and discuss world issues, as well as issues closer to home.

Students are given many opportunities at EISM to ‘lead’ in some way, and we have a plethora of leadership roles that students can be involved in.  Roles such as ‘Form Representative’, ‘House Captain’, ‘Eco Representative’, ‘Wellbeing Committee’ member, ‘Form Photographer’ and ‘Peer Mentor’ are just some examples of how our students can expressive themselves and lead others, whilst at the same time pushing themselves to develop further, not only from an academic point of view, but socially also.

At EISM we run a variety of ‘Rewards Trips’ each term.  This is a wonderful opportunity to reward students for their hard work in lessons and also to reward students for maintaining high standards in the classroom and high standards with regards to their attendance and punctuality.  Each year group also has the opportunity to attend a Camp trip that focuses on team building or Duke of Edinburgh preparation (in Years 10 and 11).  These trips are in addition to trips that we run as a School that are open across all year groups.

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