Achieving Excellence

Achieving Excellence

IB results 2023 2022 2021 2020
Name of School Emirates International School Meadows
No. of candidates who passed the diploma 46 42 54 66
Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma (actual, not rounded) 32 34 35 33
Highest Diploma points awarded to a candidate 42 44 44 43

MYP Results 2023

Meadows continues to achieve excellence, scoring 'Outstanding' across a range of subjects in the Summer 2023 MYP examinations, sustaining a cohort grade average of 5.2 points per subject.

9 students exceeded 50 out of a possible 56 overall points and 23 students attained the prestigious bilingual certificate.

 Congratulations to the MYP Class of 2023 for sustaining excellence at Meadows.


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