High School

High School

Welcome to Emirates International School Meadows. I am Andrew Williams and I am privileged to be the Head of High School.

I believe a variety of exciting and real world activities stimulate a student’s learning on several different levels. We challenge students and teachers alike to be risk takers and innovators, to be world citizens as well as collaborators.

In High School we encourage students to embrace the IB Philosophy making sure all are supported in developing the knowledge and skills to thrive in this new world. We do this by leading through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning, and global citizenship. With this holistic approach, we aim to produce not just great learners, but great people who are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Students and staff at EISM are an inspiration to all. Teachers instill learning in all students throughout the school whilst students inspire each other. As a school we continually pursue innovative learning and teaching practices to offer the highest standards of lesson delivery. We shape young minds into mature learners ensuring all students are real world learners, creating learners who can adapt and apply themselves in many situations.

Our students support each other academically and socially – we are an international school and students embrace cultures beliefs and traditions of all.

Education is an incredibly powerful tool which, we as educators must use effectively for all students to experience success and enjoyment each day of their school careers. We can develop, nurture, inspire, lead, promote whilst ensuring students have the appropriate skills and aspirations to contribute to being true global citizens now and in the future.

Andrew Williams

Head of High School

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