Dear Parents,

I am delighted to share with you the educational model adopted by EISM for the start of Academic Year 2020/2021 until advised by KHDA. Paramount to this educational model are:

·         The health and safety of our students and staff

·         High-quality learning

We have been relentless in our pursuit of health and safety excellence, we will be providing parents with further information but I have included a number of our measures below:

  1. Clearly identified entry and exit points for different groups of students so that social distancing can be maintained at all times
  2. Installation of thermal cameras at all entry points to ensure that all students, staff, parents and visitors are safe to enter
  3. Classroom teachers will be checking temperature of all students on entry to the classroom, many times a day.
  4. Hand sanitizer readily available in classrooms and around the school building
  5. Restricted movement of students around the campus. Most lessons will take place in students' homeroom classes. Any movement around the campus will be carefully assessed and strict use of one way system where possible.
  6. All classrooms have been audited to calculate the number of students who can be present and adhere to 1.5 metres social distancing at all times
  7. Single occupancy desks will be installed in all classrooms to ensure that social distancing can be maintained
  8. Classrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the day using disinfecting fogging device
  9. Classroom and communal bathrooms will be sanitized after use, and at least every hour during the school day
  10. Classroom resources will be limited to individual students and will be disinfected after each use
  11. Playtimes and lunchtimes organised to ensure limited number of students on the playground and all weather pitch at any one time. Staff on duty to enforce social distancing during these important times of the school day
  12. Restricted access to the campus so that only students and staff in the building. All visits by appointment only and all contractors will have limited access to the campus, and only outside school hours
  13. All staff will have received a negative COVID-19 test before commencing work at the start of the Academic Year

EISM announced that all students would receive a 10% Fee Discount for Term 1 and this discount is applicable for all aspects of our educational model detailed below:

EISM Educational Model - Early Years

We are very mindful of the importance of a stable and effective transition into formal education for our Early Years 1 and 2 students and we have therefore planned that they will receive 100% onsite face to face learning, planned and delivered by our Early Years teaching team. School timing for Early Years remains unchanged at 7.40am-1pm.

 EISM Educational Model - Years 1 - 13

 Years 1-13 will attend School for onsite face to face learning for four days and one day Distance Learning.

 Students will remain in one classroom within a limited group of stduents throughout onsite FTF teaching with one allocated class teacher and specialist staff rotating. PE lessons will be taught by our PE Specialists and these sessions will be fully in accordance with KHDA Protocols 61 and 87-97. Years 10-13 Students will need to rotate for lessons as the MYP and DP curriculum is elective-based. As far as possible, subject groups will be taught as double periods to reduce movement throughout the day. Rooms will be cleaned following DHA protocols after each use.

The DL day permits the teaching of subjects that require most movement namely Arabic and Islamic. These subjects are extremely important to EISM Students and we are able to guarantee that students will be placed in the appropriate level and ability grouping. KHDA Protocol 65 requires schools to minimize the rotation of groups and staff and the intermingling of all. The DL day for each year group will be notified prior to the start of the Academic Year.

 EISM Educational Model – Students who are unable to access school due to quarantine

For students who require Distance Learning for a short period of time will remain in their allocated original class and all learning materials for the FTF sessions will be provided and accessed via SeeSaw or Managebac dependent on the Year Group. Flexible completion of learning tasks will be permitted to help support parents and students' home situation.

 Alternative Model of 100% Distance Learning

 As a temporary measure KHDA has permitted EISM to provide a 100% Distance Learning provision to parents who request it. This temporary measure is intended to ease parents and children into eventual onsite face-to-face learning.

A Distance Learning only option is available for all Year Groups. DL only students are placed in a group and allocated a class teacher. They will follow exactly the same curriculum as their peers with the exception that the onsite FTF days will be delivered by the class teacher via Zoom. 

I am confident that you will be reassured to note that despite having a large number of restrictions, EISM is committed to ensuring a educational model that complies with IB and MOE Curriculum requirements whilst still  providing breadth and balance to your child’s learning experience. We will be confirming your child’s grouping and teachers unless notified that you wish for your child to have the alternative model of 100% DL. Should you choose this option please reply to this email by 13th August with the following details:

 Child’s Name:

Year Group for Academic Year 2020/21:

Existing EISM Student or new:

 You should not respond if you wish your child to attend with the arrangements for the EISM Educational Model as this will automatically be assumed.

We will be providing further details regarding our health and safety protocols for both students and parents within the next few weeks. We are meticulously ensuring we are compliant with all KHDA and DHA protocols and mandates.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. K Dyche-Nichols



P.O. Box 120118 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates


Important Statement

EIS is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates in general, and we follow the rules and guidelines of the KHDA. EIS will always abide by these rules, and will always follow and execute any decision taken by the KHDA which is applicable to all schools.  We are professionally compliant the distance learning processes and guidelines set by the relevant authorities. We are all in a similar sensitive situation and spreading negative messages against the school does not  benefit the School, the Parents, the Teachers or the Students. Therefore, we invite all responsible parents to be rational in these situations and to calmly cooperate with  EIS School Management. Should further directions from the KHDA be received in this regard, we will communicate the updated information to all our families. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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