Our Values

Our Values


To enable our students to excel and thrive in a happy, safe and successful environment whilst providing substantial academic rigour.


EIS Meadows is a learning community where students are ready, respectful and safe in all they do. Students are empowered to think critically and creatively and to show resilience in their search for success. Our inclusive environment and innovative enquiry based international education fully prepares students for their future.


At EIS Meadows, we foster a love of life-long learning through an innovative, inspiring IB curriculum that allows students to be leaders of their own learning journey. We nurture open-minded, principled, independent learners who exhibit self-awareness and grow to be responsible global citizens. We foster intercultural sensitivity and personal responsibility to encourage internationally minded young adults who are fully prepared for our future world.


Education is a shared responsibility of the entire school community Board, Administration, Faculty, Students and Parents working in partnership. An orderly, safe and caring environment is essential to academic success and is marked by respect for the rights of others and the development of personal responsibility. Education must encompass the development of the whole individual with the school’s emphasis on academic, physical, social and creative growth. That education must foster independent thinking, critical analysis, and appreciation and understanding of differences of opinion. All children do not learn in the same way; allowances must be made for differences in learning styles. All children must be recognized and valued for hard work and perseverance. The school experience must promote positive interpersonal relationships. Good education must instil a desire for lifelong learning. Information Technology must be an essential part of the school curriculum. 

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