Parents Corner

Parents Corner

At Emirates International School Meadows parent’s involvement is paramount to the development of their child’s education and so we focus on developing strong relationships with every parent. 

As a Very Good school we are proud of the involvement and support of our parents.  Parents complete the triangulation of learning between the school, students and themselves.  It is a partnership and together we ensure students are successful at all levels.

We connect with parents via emails, social media, newsletters, coffee mornings, consultation evenings, handbook and written reports.  We also hold workshops to support parents with their child’s learning.  We invite parents into the classroom to get involved in all aspects of learning.  In addition, we draw on parent’s expertise on a variety of topics which are appropriate and relevant to students in term of education, careers, health and well-being.

We also encourage parents to take part in many school events we host each Academic Year by contributing their time and effort in organising International Day, Ramadan Iftar, cultural activities, reading time and charity fund raising events.

At EISM, we believe parent’s involvement is very important in developing a child’s education and hence we focus on developing strong relationships with parents. We connect with parents through emails, newsletters, social media, coffee morning sessions, consultation evenings, hand books and written reports. We invite parents to the classrooms and get them involved in child’s learning.  In addition, we draw on parents’ expertise on various topics which are appropriate to relevant year groups in terms of education, career development, health and wellness.

Parents also have an opportunity to involve themselves in various school events and activities by contributing their time and effort in organizing International Day, Ramadan Iftar, fairs, cultural activities, reading time and charity fund raisers.

Further, we have an open-door policy where parents can communicate with school teachers and leadership team.  Being a community school, we are well supported by a thriving community.

Parent Representative Group

The Parent Representative Group (PRG) provide a link between the parents/guardians and the management of the school with a view to facilitating co-operation and communication between the two parties.

The PRG shall be nominated prior to start of the new academic year and comprised by parent representatives for the Primary and High schools.  PRG meetings are held normally on a monthly basis.

The scope of the PRG will be limited to representing the parent body, acting as a conduit for parent feedback on school issues, participation in school community event planning (e.g. international days) and participation in quality management practices (KHDA/ IB inspections). The PRG will not be involved in the school’s financial matters nor will it be involved in the Curriculum Management or Governance of the school. 


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