Our Early Years

Our Early Years

Welcome note from the team

Early years is an inspiring, special time for our children in their learning journey.

The Early Years Primary Years Programme (EY PYP) focuses on developing children as inquirers through a play based learning environment. As teachers of Early Years children, we act as nurturing facilitators, following the children in their interests along with developing key skills in Language Arts, Maths, Science, Social studies, Active living, The Arts and Identity and Interactions.

When walking into our Early Years classrooms you will see vibrant learning areas set up following the current transdiciplinary theme, keeping the children’s interests as a central focus. Our purposeful learning environment is created to ensure that children work collaboratively, building key skills in higher order thinking and questioning as well as to ensure that all learning is meaningful.

Our brand new facilities and new classrooms have been purpose built with Early Years children in mind with fantastic access to the large outdoor play space, interactive whiteboards and tablets in each classroom. Above all our children are made to feel safe and happy within the environment we have created.

Learning is a life long journey and we feel privileged to be forming the foundations of this on a daily basis. We are dedicated to giving our children the best possible start on this journey, giving them the skills and knowledge that will help them progress.

Our Curriculum

Within our Early Years classrooms teachers ensure that our specific learning intentions link with the current transdiciplinary theme. There are 4 transdiciplinary themes that are explored across Early Years 1 and in Early Years 2. Within each, children build key academic and social and emotional skills.

Our children are constantly encouraged to be independent in their thinking, express themselves and their opinions confidently, become problem solvers and work collaboratively with each other.

Within Early Years, children build the foundations of their reading and writing skills through our rigorous phonics program. We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme of work to ensure that the children are developing their phonetic understanding, and achieving the correct milestones in order to begin to read and write and apply these key skills in their daily learning.

Early Years Timetable

  • Classes

    EY 1 - Approx. Time of Study/week
    EY 2 - Approx. Time of Study/week
  • Language arts - Oral and Visual, Reading and Writing
    5 hours per week
    6 hours per week
  • Maths
    4.5 hours per week
    5 hours per week
  • Science and Social studies
    3 hours per week
    4 hours per week

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