Parents Teachers Conferences

Parents Teachers Conferences

Parents, teachers and students are all viewed as partners in learning. Formal parent-teacher conferences, three-way conferences and report cards are used throughout the year as a means of informing parents of learning and progress.  Parents are expected to attend all of the conferences.  Parents are always welcome to arrange, by appointment, additional interviews at school and, likewise, the School may initiate interviews with parents at any time during the year.

Student-led conferences are an opportunity for students to share their learning with their parents.  Students will share their portfolios containing the work they are proud of, during this time and also show their parents around their class/school.  All parents and students will be expected to attend student-led conferences.

Report cards are published in an e-copy twice a year to inform parents of their child’s progress in all subject areas.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the report card, teachers will be available to make after school appointments.

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