Fee Policy

Fee Policy

EIS school fees are in line with the KHDA guidelines and are reviewed annually. A schedule of the current school fees is available in the ‘Application' section of this website. School fees are shown as an annual figure however may be settled in three payments spread during the academic year. School fees must be paid to the School Cashier in person and will not be accepted by class teachers, secretaries or any other school personnel.

School fees cover tuition, all normal equipment and materials, textbooks, workbooks, exercise books (with the exception of some High School texts which will be annotated by the students) and routine ‘in house' medical treatments.

School fees do not cover the cost of:

  1. Field trips and excursions
  2. School uniform
  3. Meals, snacks and drinks at school
  4. External examination or assessment fees (IB)
  5. Paid extra-curricular activities
  6. Official school photographs and the School Yearbook
  7. Replacement costs for lost or damaged books, materials or equipment
  8. School transportation

A list of additional specialist equipment that may be required by High School students selecting some subject options will be provided at the beginning of the academic year or before a specific module as needed.

Additional School Expenses

In Primary school, students from year 1 onward are asked to come to school with a pencil case containing common stationaries. Details of the item required will be provided by your child’s class teacher in the first week of the term, but will include two HB pencils, an eraser, a small glue stick, a fifteen cm ruler, 12 colored pencils, a pair of round-nosed scissors and a small pencil sharpener.

In High School, following is a list of additional expenses for students.  The costs for each item can vary as some costs are incurred only upon voluntary participation or are only required in certain years (for example: graduation fees in Grade 13). 


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