EIS Jumeirah has a culture of collaboration and support from Early Years through to post-16. Students, teachers and leaders all cherish a whole school ethos of working together to share best practice and to learn from each other.

Outstanding Progress

At EIS Jumeirah, all teachers understand what is required for students to make excellent progress. At the heart of this is our teachers’ planning for different ways to engage our students to achieve learning objectives in each and every lesson.

National Agenda

PISA and TIMSS to be used as a learning context to inform teaching, curriculum planning and assessment in line with the UAE National Agenda 2021

Needs of all students

Inclusion is fostered at EIS Jumeirah. All students are given appropriate tasks and feedback to ensure they are provided appropriate challenge and support in their learning.

Curriculum modification, language support, in-class support and personalised learning plans and reflection, all contribute to this goal.

Expectation – raise the bar

All students will be expected to strive for success. Curriculum expectations will be set at an appropriately challenging level, in line with high international benchmarks. This is particularly relevant for Arabic and Islamic where we seek to ensure confidence in the provision in these areas.

Cultural Awareness

Students and staff at EIS Jumeirah are sensitive to the cultural norms and expectations of the UAE, and are respectful to the cultures and identities of the diverse international population found at EIS and within Dubai.

Technology and Resources

Students and teachers at EIS-Jumeirah use technology and a variety of other resources as a ubiquitous part of the learning process. The school has sufficiently well-developed infrastructure and teaching expertise to facilitate the growing use of technology in today’s globally connected society.

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