Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

EISJ is committed to promote and support the Wellbeing of every individual within the School Community to feel safe, valued and encouraged in their learning. Individuals are better prepared for learning when their social & emotional needs are identified and supported. The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of what Wellbeing is, and the systems and procedures in place to support the Wellbeing needs of our children and staff.

To this end, the school has extensive pastoral teams, including school counsellors, who care for each child’s wellbeing within our community. We also offer to support to families when required.

The school has a positive and inclusive approach to managing behaviour. We believe in encouraging good behaviour through a range of
positive behaviour management strategies. Through this approach we aim to pre- empt inappropriate behaviour, thus enabling us to focus on good behaviour. We believe strongly in the importance of promoting and praising good behaviour.
We put great emphasis on the importance of interacting with others in respectful ways through speech, actions and relationships. We aim to provide care and support for our children and support them to learn how to manage
their behaviour appropriately. We give children choices and make it clear as to the consequences of the choices they make. We believe children have rights and responsibilities
Children have the right to be safe, to be treated politely and to learn without disruption. Children have the responsibility to care for themselves, other people and their school.
We expect all adults and children to:
1. Treat each other with courtesy and consideration, by treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves.
2. Talk and listen to one another in order to understand and respect each other, making sure we hear all sides and do not jump to conclusions.
3. Be fair and consistent to each other. However, we recognise by treating people fairly we may not treat everyone the same.
4. Value, take pride in and care for the school by looking after school property and equipment.


At EIS-J we agree bullying in any form is unacceptable. We aim to empower all teachers, prefects and students to challenge, remedy and prevent bullying and create a culture where the rights of the individuals are upheld.

Bullying may be verbal, physical or indirect. In fact, any action, which repeatedly makes a child feel uncomfortable, insecure or threatened, may be defined as bullying. The school operates a zero tolerance policy towards bullying in any form. Students should be aware bullying is completely unacceptable at EIS-J and students will be treated sympathetically if they tell someone if it has happened to them. The Head of School, Deputy Head,

We aim to ensure pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. Only when all issues of bullying are addressed will students be able to fully benefit from the opportunities available at school.

Every child has a right to be protected from abuse and neglect. EIS-J, fully recognises the contribution it can make to protect pupils and support pupils in school. At EIS-J, our ethos is one in which our pupils feel secure, their viewpoints are valued and they are encouraged to talk and are heard.
We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and expect all staff to share this commitment.

At EIS-J, the overall intention and purpose behind our policy is underpinned by the fundamental principle of the Children Act 1989 and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our staff are expected to contribute towards an environment that offers children maximum protection e.g. contributing to creation of a positive atmosphere in which students are respected and know that they can find assistance if necessary. Children should know that there are adults in the school whom they can approach if they have a worry or a problem.

EISJ has two school counsellors and Designated Safeguarding leaders who both support the children as well as ensure that the appropriate systems are in place.
E Safety

New technologies inspire student to be creative, communicate and learn. However, while the internet is a great resource, it is important student and young people are protected from the risks they may encounter. Emirates International School Jumeirah endeavours to highlight benefits and risks of using technology and provides Safeguarding and education for users to enable them to control their online experience.

We believe the key to developing safe and responsible behaviours online, not only for Students but everyone within our school community, lies in effective education. We know the internet and other technologies are embedded in our Students’ lives, not just in our school but outside as well, and we believe we have a duty to help prepare our Students to safely benefit from the opportunities the internet brings.

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