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News And Events

Dear Parents,

Welcome back.  The summer is nearly over and an exciting new academic year is about to start.  

As your children are enjoying the last few days of the summer break, it is important to start preparing them for the new academic year.  Here are some helpful tips:

Start moving to a normal school bedtime routine

Make sure your children are prepared by ensuring they have everything they need.  Often having a few new items, even some new stationery, adds to the excitement of the new academic year.

Talk positively about the new academic year.  Our major theme is ‘Challenge’. Ask your children how they are going to challenge themselves.  What different subjects/activities are they looking forward to?

Read - Get students back into a routine of reading.  This is one of the best ways to help awaken their minds ready for school.  Ask them questions about what they have read. 

Here are some additional reminders and links which should be helpful.

  • The start date for the academic year is the 29th August for all new students.  This includes all of Year 7 as they are new to High School. Details will be sent separately for EY1. 
  • The School Uniform shop is open.  Please make sure you follow the uniform guide.  I have put additional guidance on the next page also. Access to more information including online ordering can be found at
  • Please ensure they have a suitable refillable water bottle.
  • The academic calendar can be found at
  • If you are looking to organise school transport, please contact Diamond Lease

I look forward to seeing you all!

Kind regards,

Uniform- Additional Guidance

We are going to be more vigilant with uniforms next academic year.  Please ensure your child has the correct uniform from our uniform shop.

Shoes are a constant issue.  The school will be insisting on black shoes for the formal school uniform.  These shoes should be completely black.  In Primary and up to Year 11, black trainers are allowed but not with alternative coloured stripes etc. Shoes must not have LED lights, these are a challenge to some individuals. 

For Example :