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High Additional School Activities

High School Additional School Activities

In High School we have developed a strong and varied ASA Programme for students.  Our Programme has something for everyone whether it involves the application of academic, cultural, practical, artistic, linguistic and creative skills in a fun and safe environment.  We aim to compliment and further develop the IB philosophy by offering activities which fulfill the needs of all students and encourage the acquisition of life long skills.

We have utilized the vast expertise of our teaching staff and carefully chosen external providers to offer the highest standards of instruction.  We have also visited off site venues to ensure that health and safety regulations are in place for any external programmes that we may offer.

ASA’s offer a wide range of activities which enrich the student's educational experience. The performing arts, creative subjects and language acquisition are just a few of the areas which are on offer to the students. Students are also able to participate in several sporting activities with both recreational and competitive objectives.  Some sports are for fun whilst others are at a more competitive level.  We have MUN, World Scholars Cup, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as well as enrichment activities which are creative and relaxing.

ASA’s happen each night of the week from 3pm until 4pm.  Some activities are offered at weekends and alter during weekdays. The Programme is fluid and we adapt to the current trends and student needs,

Jonathan Bland oversees all ASA activities in High School. 


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