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Achievements of EISM 2021 Graduates

Meadows once again achieved excellent results in the IB Diploma Programme in Summer 2021.  Five students scored marks of 44, well done to Arnima, Hiya, Nehal, Salma and Soroush, this is a wonderful achievement. 28% of students achieved a score of 40 points or more whilst 50% of the year group achieved 35 points or more. The average point score for students at EISM was 35, well above the world average of 33. Students achieved an average grade score of 5.19, another incredible year for Meadows.

Achievements of EISM 2020 Graduates

70 students were registered as IB Diploma candidates

An incredible 10% scored 40+ points and 36% scored 35+ points.

EISM pass rate 96% - World average pass rate 79%

EISM average point score was 33 points – World average point score 29

The highest score achieved was 43 points

This year Meadows had its highest cohort of DP students ever. We must congratulate JP Schott Ymao on achieving 43 points in a very challenging year for students. 

Students are studying in many countries and at many top universities around the world.  Our students have begun their University courses in Medicine, Law and Business as well as Computer science, Accounting and Arts.

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    Top IB DP Results for Students at Emirates International School – Meadows

    Meadows has yet again attained competitive results in the International Baccalaureate (IB).

    Anannya Sivakumar, Almira Saptoro and Hamza Khan achieving the top scores with Anannya, Valedictorian for the Class of 2019 and winner of the Principal’s Award was also top achiever. Anannya now attends the London School of Economics, where she studies Law. Almira winner of the Academic Excellence Award is studying medicine at Charles University. While Hamza is studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto, Canada

    This very successful cohort is now studying at top tier Universities throughout the world, these include George Washington University, Florence Institute of Design International and Northeastern University to mention but a few.

    Top IB DP Results for Students at Emirates International School – Meadows

    Meadows has achieved some of the best International Baccalaureate (IB) results in Dubai.

    Laila Sarhan, Sarha Thabet and Nour Makarem achieving the top scores with Sarah being the top achiever for the Class of 2018. Sarah now attends the prestigious New York University. Laila, Valedictorian for the Class of 2018 attends the University of California while Nour winner of the Khalaf Al Habtoor Award is studying medicine at Charles University.

    This very successful cohort is now studying at top tier Universities throughout the world, these include Standford, University of Toronto, Kings College, McMaster University, Imperial, Pennsylvania State, Queen’s University and Loughborough University to mention but a few.

  • Ahmed Khalid Ahmed Mohamed in Year 9 achieved a 3rd position in Hadeeth Competition in the UAE.


Previous IBDP Students at EISM University Destinations   

Name of University

Country of university

Georgia Tech


University of California UCLA


McGill University


University of Toronto


Northeastern University


Perdue University


University of Wisconsin- Madison


King’s college London


University of Birmingham( Medicine)


University of Warwick


University of Queen Mary


Loughborough University


University of Nottingham


  • Congratulations to Abdulahi from Year 6 for his Mathematics Honour Award in the International Benchmark Testing. Honour Certificates are awarded to the top student in the country / region.

Emirates International School - Meadows is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of the students’ education and development. At the completion of the academic year the top performing students are recognised at the graduation ceremony and their names are placed on the schools Honour Board. The 2015/16 highest academic achievers and the award areas are as follows:

CIS International Student Award: Muskan Dabur

Principals Award: Milan Kewalramani

IBDP Academic Achivement Award: Tarek A. Adel and Mohammad Saad Kayali

I/GCSE Academic Acievement Award: Leena P. Thawani and Sarah Thabet

The school has also been awarded the UAE Green Flag award for environmental sustainability. 

The students’ academic results are consistently above world averages in the IB Diploma:

The 2015/16 IB Diploma results are follows:

  • 94% Diploma pass rate
  • Cohort average point score of 32 points.
  • Highest individual point score of 43 points.

International Benchmark Tests:

During this Academic Year our students took part in the International Benchmark Tests and we are proud that a big number achieved Distinction and High Distinction Awards in English, Science and Mathematics. We are particularly proud of ABDULAHI ABDURAHMAN in Year 6 and ALIYY HAZEM ALI ELORABY in Year 7 who achieved an Honour Award in Mathematics.