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Distance Learning

EISM Distance Learning Overview

At EISM we have implemented a comprehensive and rigorous Distance Learning designed to maintain educational standards and deliver the best possible learning experiences, using a variety of teaching tools and new technology.

As a community we are aware that technical challenges, isolation and possible differences in time zones may present hurdles in delivering great learning.  So, we ask for patience from students, parents and teachers a time when we are continually adapting our offer each day of Distance Learning.

Primary School 


In Primary School at EISM, we ensure that students are supported throughout all parts of the learning journey.   There is flexibility within the day to meet the needs of our we also ensure that high quality provision is available through direct input from the teachers through Zoom with follow-on tasks thereafter.  Marking and feedback is of the utmost importance and there will be continuous assessment of students throughout their Zoom lessons and teachers will regularly provide in-depth marking of student work.


Secondary School


In High School at EISM, students are IB learners and naturally more independent with regard to their studies and this is benefitting them in the current situation. As teachers and parents, we also know students do still need guidance, support and positivity at this time to ensure they still continue to experience success in their learning journey.


 The Distance Learning have in place will continue to offer interactive lessons as well as face to face lessons.  Teachers will continue to offer face to face contact with students to ensure full participation of students throughout this time.


Working in Partnership

To ensure consistency and success with Distance Learning we need to adhere and take note of the following guidelines. These have been developed to make Distance Learning a positive and successful experience for all.

The School’s Commitment


  • Teachers will create learning experiences for students to work at their own pace and take time to absorb content.
  • Teachers will give instructions for consistency and set clear expectations and deadline for completion of tasks on the preferred platform in High School and Primary School
  • The school will provide extra support where needed.
  • Teachers will mark all student work and provide feedback in a timely manner
  • The school leadership team and teachers will be online during school hours to give support and encouragement, answer questions, or provide guidance through the school’s online systems
  • The school will seek student and parent feedback about quality of the learning experience – the amount of work, the pace of work and most of all, how the student and family are feeling through this experience


Expectation of Students (with the support of parents and teachers)


As a student of EISM I will…


  • Follow the live streaming schedule and will be ready at the beginning of the lesson
  • Ensure my behaviour is appropriate whilst on any live streaming
  • Ensure I am in a suitable location in my home and I am appropriately dressed
  • Ensure there is no personal information on show
  • Be polite and respectful towards my teachers and classmates
  • Focused on the teacher
  • Complete all task set by my teacher to the best of my ability       
  • Not record, take photographs or screen shots of any live streaming


Parent Support


As a Parent I will…


  • Discuss with my child when live streaming will happen, and I support them and the school to ensure learning is successful
  • Ensure my child has access to suitable electronic equipment e.g. device and earphones to be able to access live streaming. Earphones must be worn by students during live streaming to ensure students are completely focused on the lessons
  • Ensure my child is dressed appropriately for the context of the school
  • Ensure my child is in a space in the home which is appropriate and where no personal information can be seen
  • Ensure my child acts in an appropriate way whilst on live streaming. I understand that the mute, screen blank and remove from life stream function may be used by teachers.
  • Contact the teacher should any issues arise
  • Not allow my child to take any recordings, photographs or screen shots of any live streaming in accordance with UAE law


Technology Platforms

The teachers will use appropriate platforms for each year group to ensure successful distance learning. At EISM we use the following platforms to support students learning.  Technology is one of the many tools we use to ensure successful learning and teachers will use other methods also to fully embrace Distance Learning.

Early Years

  1. Seesaw
  2. Class Dojo
  3. Screen casting
  4. Phonics Bug
  5. Zoom


Primary School

  1. Seesaw
  2. Padlet
  3. Zoom
  4. Screen casting
  5. Reading Eggs
  6. Mathletics
  7. TT Rockstars
  8. Brain Pop Jr.
  9. Class Dojo



Secondary School

  1. Managebac
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Zoom
  4. Subject online resources like Assessprep, Vocab Express and MyImaths to help students to access the subject content




  • Academic issues – Any academic issues should be raised to your child’s Form Tutor in High School and Class Teacher in Primary School or Subject teacher. Should you require any further clarification, then please contact the Year Leader in Primary or the appropriate Head of Department in Secondary.
  • Leadership in both High School and Primary Schools are always available to support with any issues you are experiencing


  • IT/Technical issues – Please contact for any issues arising with log ins, software or other technical elements during the distance learning period



We would like to thank you for your support, patience and efforts to ensure your child engages fully in Distance Learning.  Please be safe and we look forward to the future when we will welcome everyone back into school and our EISM Community reunites as one.


Kathryn Dyche-Nichols


Emirates International School Meadows