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Achieving Excellence

  • Eco-Schools is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. Emirates International School – Meadows has been awarded the Green Flag for two consecutive years.

Achievements of EISM during 2019/2020 Academic year

The 72 students in our 2020/2021 cohort who were entered for the MYP Certificate achieved their certificate

One student achieved an incredible full mark of 56 points – Svettlana Chatterjee

Average EISM MYP point score was 42

The world average point score was 36

17 students achieved 50+ points

Above IB world average in 17/20 subjects

Achievements of EISM during 2018/2019 Academic year

68 MYP students in our 2019 cohort 

All students achieved 28 points or above

Two Students achieved an incredible 54 points

Federica Ottonello

Soroush Ansari 

Average EISM MYP score was 43 points

World Average score was 36 points 

10 students achieved 50+ points

Above IB world averages in 19/21 subjects