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Distance Learning

EISJ Distance Learning Overview

At EISJ we have ensured that there has been no break in learning for all our students, from Early Years to Year 13. Our robust Distance Learning programme is delivered through a variety of tools to provide the best possible learning experiences.

To give students a sense of continuity normal routines of the school are maintained. Daily student attendance is taken and parents contacted in the case of continued absence. Online etiquette and safety guidelines have been shared with parents, students and teachers. EAL and SEND provision continues and the school counsellors are available for vulnerable students.

Over the past 3 weeks we have monitored the lessons for quality assurance and enhancements are being made as teachers and students become increasingly confident with the use of new technology. We have welcomed feedback from parents and implemented suggestions as appropriate.

Working in Partnership

The School’s Commitment

  • Teachers will create learning experiences for students to work at their own pace.
  • Teachers will set clear expectations and deadlines for completion of tasks.
  • The school will provide extra support where needed.
  • Teachers will mark all student work and provide feedback in a timely manner.
  • The school leadership team and teachers will be online during school hours to give support and encouragement, answer questions, or provide guidance through the school’s online systems.
  • The school will seek student and parent feedback about quality of the learning experience: volume of and pace of work
  • The school will be mindful of student and family well-being throughout the distance learning experience.

To ensure consistency and success with Distance Learning we need to adhere to the following guidelines. These have been developed to make Distance Learning a positive and successful experience for all.

Primary School 


  • Please create a suitable learning environment for students
  • All students will be provided with learning which they should complete
  • Please try and follow the learning timetable, and where possible supervise the learning
  • Learning will need to be uploaded at the end of each session
  • If Students miss the deadline, they will still be expected to upload the learning
  • Please provide your child with adequate resources in order to support their completion of their learning
  • Students will receive house point awards as normal (linked to their learning)
  • Please monitor devices are being used for learning during the timetabled schedule

Learning Subjects

  • Students will have daily learning which relates to Arabic, English, Science, Maths and Islamic
  • Students will have specialist learning projects to complete with a structured timeline for completion.
  • PE teachers will provide daily exercise for pupils to complete
  • All activities support the overall project
  • If students are stuck, please refer to the support materials given by the teacher or use the email and chat on SeeSaw/Google classroom facility for feedback (see feedback guidelines).


  • Students need to stick to the guidelines on video entries of learning, in regards to content and length.
  • Students should only upload videos which are appropriate and relevant to the learning.
  • Students must upload their learning at the designated time
  • Students or Parents can ask questions and expect an answer at specific times based on the timetable
  • Outside of this time teachers will endeavour to respond within 24 hours of the upload/email
  • Teachers will provide constructive feedback to support your child’s progress, through Google Classroom, SeeSaw or e-mail.

High School

  • Be familiar with your child’s timetable and ensure they fulfil attendance at timetabled lessons.
  • Provide a quiet place for your child to learn and study. Be aware of your own need for privacy, especially when on Zoom lessons.
  • Ensure access to suitable electronic equipment e.g. device and earphones to be able to access Zoom lessons.
  • Remind your child about the need for appropriate clothing, culturally sensitive and semi-formal.
  • Reinforce with your child that their standards of behaviour should be exactly as high as in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Remind your child that, under UAE law, they must not take any recordings, photographs or screen shots of any live streaming.
  • Contact the teacher in the event of any issue, in the first instance.

Technology Platforms

While technology is one of the many tools we use to ensure successful learning, teachers will also use other methods during Distance Learning. Appropriate platforms for each year group are used to ensure successful distance learning. At EISJ we use the following platforms to support students learning. 

Early Years

  1. Seesaw
  2. Class Dojo
  3. Screen casting
  4. Zoom

Primary School

  1. Seesaw
  2. Padlet
  3. Zoom
  4. Screen casting
  5. Reading Eggs
  6. Mathletics
  7. TT Rockstars
  8. Brain Pop Jr.
  9. Class Dojo
  10. Google Classroom
  11. Nrich

Secondary School

  1. Managebac
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Zoom
  4. Subject online resources: Assessprep, MyImaths, Classkick, Screencast-O-Matic

to help students to access the subject content


  • Academic issues – Any academic issues should be raised to your child’s Form Tutor in High School and Class Teacher in Primary School or Subject teacher. Should you require any further clarification, then please contact the Year Leader in Primary or the Progress and Well-being Leader in High School.
  • The Senior Leadership Team is always available to support with any issues you are experiencing.
  • IT/Technical issues – Please contact for any issues arising with log-ins, software or other technical elements during the distance learning period.

We would like to thank our parents for their support, patience and efforts to ensure their child engages fully in Distance Learning. 

We look forward to the time when we can welcome the EISJ community “back to school”.

Pratibha Rao

School Principal

Emirates International School-Jumeirah