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We are delighted to have partnered with Incyte, a UK based company specialising in school improvement and high quality teaching.

Twenty four teachers joined the Inspire 2 Teach programme in this first instance, working to develop their teaching to consistently Outstanding levels. Alongside the focus on teaching they are also honing their skills of dialogue and feedback as they become recognised Leaders of Learning within the school - empowered and enabled to share their expertise working with other teachers. These leaders of learning now coach and mentor across the school, as well as providing professional workshops for all staff in 'Best Practice'.

Below are some of the comments from Caroline, one of the Incyte trainers:

Coming into the school to work with some of the teachers has been a real privilege for us. The Inspire..2..Teach programme is designed to provide high quality support to improve the quality of teaching and learning in lessons to a level that would be identified internationally as outstanding practice.

Initially before going in to the classrooms to see the teaching and learning taking place we worked with the senior leaders to ensure that that we were all clear about the expectations of the programme so that in between visits they are sure that the aims of the programme are continually met.

We then spent five days with a group of teachers in both the primary and high school phases, sharing ideas about teaching and learning and developing skills of working developmentally with other colleagues. Lessons were jointly observed and most importantly discussions were held about the learning that was seen, what worked well and what could be further developed. The level of enthusiasm for this opportunity to discuss and share ideas about their skills and how this could lead to better engagement and student involvement in their learning was significant. Even after the second day, teachers could be seen planning together and encouraging one another. There was a buzz about the programme in school. The children in primary were excited to welcome visitors into their classroom and the consultants were impressed with the behaviour of the students on the campus. We are looking forward to our next visit in April and in between times we will be visiting meetings via Skype so that we can hear how the programmes is progressing. The ultimate will be when all teachers are working together and sharing their ideas about how to ensure your children learn as well as they can. More importantly that they are excited about learning new things and can see why they are important for their next steps in life and how they connect to the world.