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Achieving Excellence

Students who graduate from EIS-Jumeirah are well rounded individuals, preferred at universities worldwide for their IB education. A vast majority of EIS students go onto well-known universities in the UK, the US and Canada such as Stanford, Exeter, London School of Economics, MIT, University of Michigan, UCLA, Warwick and the University of Toronto.

In recent years EISJ has repeatedly graduated students with scores of 40+ including a score of 45 points, six scores of 44 points and a further six scores of 43.

Our recent IB DP graduates have consistently surpassed global and local averages:

Class of 2017: Average DP point score of 32 (Global Average = 30)

Class of 2016: Average DP point score of 31 (GLobal Average = 30)

Class of 2015: Average DP point score of 33 (Global Average = 29)

Class of 2014: Average DP point score of 33 (Global Average = 29)

Class of 2013: Average DP point score of 34 (Global average = 29)

Since 2015 we have also celebrated the achievements of our MYP cohorts with around 80% achieving the full MYP award in 2017 having gained 28 points or more.

In 2017 we also recorded 100% success for our IBCP students - great testament to the efforts of these students embarking upon the vocational alternative to the IBDP.