Registration and Re-registration

New students may register for the coming academic year (September) starting on the first day of the preceding January term. Application forms will not be accepted before that date. Registration can be initiated online and a list of supporting documentation is also provided in the ‘Application' section of the school website.

Please note that EIS-Meadows is currently full at most grade levels and while applications are welcome to replace students leaving the school, the process of submitting an application in no way guarantees a place at the school.

Where a place cannot be confirmed immediately, we will place applications on a waiting list and parents will be contacted as and when a place becomes available. Parents can expect a realistic indication of the chances of a place becoming available at the time of application however we regret that we cannot be any more definite until the closing date for re-registration of existing students which is usually the end of March or early April.

Re-registration letters are sent out to parents in Late February or early March for the following Academic Year (September). Failure to respond to the re-registration letter will result in your child's place being allocated to another student. If you have not received a re-registration letter and form by 31st March, please contact Ms. Bana, School Registrar, without delay.